A nurturing home

Your home is a special place of safety, comfort and nurturing. Home is where you express your individuality by surrounding yourself with the small things that bring meaning to your life. It is where your choice of unique colours, design and the feel and texture of objects shows your individuality. 

Home is where you and your family, children and loved pets can retreat, relax and leave the cares of the world outside. Mariska handmade pet beds and homewares are designed for people like you who appreciate unique design, vibrant colours and individual expression, whether it's making your pet feel safe and comfortable all day or brightening your home.

Colour your world

A love of textiles and wonderful, vibrant exciting colours influenced me to start my business, which is all about gorgeous products that embody environmental sustainability, a quality handmade finish and unique designs that satisfy your appreciation of tasteful colour and fine creativity.

The idea of making unique pet beds came to me through my two young cats and now I’m extending my range to other exciting unique fabric homewares. The business was established so I could share my love of bright, colourful designs with everyone who wants to stamp their individual touch throughout their home.

Caring for future generations

My part indigenous heritage has influenced my creative approach and appreciation of  beautiful natural tones, while my passion for abstract art has helped me produce a truly unique range of products. A commitment to eco-friendly packaging helps reduce environmental impact and the amount of waste that would otherwise find its way to landfill.